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leur Dream Catcher Handmade Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry Decoration, Craft Ornaments for Gifts and Home Decor

  • Art – Our beautiful Myga dream catchers are traditional attractive wall hangings that create a sense of peace and harmony. The soft textures and design is great to add comfort to your home and interest to your walls.
  • Home Decor – All our dreamcatchers are traditionally handmade to the highest quality. Due to being handmade, none of our dreamcatchers are the same, adding a unique element to our products.
  • Unique – The Myga wall hangings are made with love and attention, our hand-crafted dream catchers are created with 100% natural products, are hand woven and have a high-quality finish.
  • Sweet Dreams – Dream catchers come from a legend which suggests they can catch bad dreams from entering your subconscious, leaving only the good dreams to enter your mind. Ideal gift for any suffering from nightmares.
  • Harmony – The wallhangings are perfect for your home, bedroom, apartment, nursery, work areas and any living areas such as the living room, hallway, or any space which you want to add colour and texture to your home.

Weight (kg): 0.35

Item Dims: 360 x 360 x 35mm