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Earthstore wellness

About Us

Welcome to Earthstore  Boutique


B O U T I Q U E    C L O T H I N G   C O L L E C T I O N

Within the store you’ll find a collection of unique ladieswear and accessories from designer brands such as Jayley collection, Made in Italy, and some hippy shop bohemian clothing mixed in.  Items are limited and specially selected. Earthstore caters for all sizes and shapes and has some beautiful silk kimonos available. 

H E A L T H    &   W E L L B E I N G

Earthstore is an ethical, fair trade boutique with products for relaxation & health.  We have a section just for aromatherapy and sound.  You will know when you have arrived – just follow the exotic aromas drifting down the seaside street.

E T H I C A L   H O M E   &  G I F T    S T O R E

Earthstore’s home range comes from fair trade suppliers around the world, offering a distinctive and eclectic range of rugs, throws, cushions that will add texture and colour to any home.     

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Our Story

It’s well worth a visit to Earthstore Boutique with its huge range of items from gift shopping to revitalising the home and self-care.  It’s a place to find something unique and restorative.  Enjoy the music and aroma from the array of candles and incense available to sample.

Ness Brigham founded the Earthstore in 2014 as a creative idea after finishing a design degree. From Stockton on tees, the biggest question is why open a shop in Saltburn? why? It’s the place to be if you’re passionate about the environment and ethical trading.  Saltburn is a very diverse, creative, bohemian place where you can be who you want to be.  A community that cares about its area and brings in people for its outstanding natural beauty and unique friendly vibes.  

A Shop with a heart

It’s a shop with a heart. The centre of everything is wellbeing.  Earthstore is about better health, less chemicals and protecting our environment.


Then there are people who work for us across the globe for very little.   Ness is a buddhist and after a trip to Nepal and India to try to understand the issues behind fair-trade, it became a mission to carry on trying to improve the working lives of the people creating these amazing products. The store is set in the seaside town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, and can be found just off the high street. 


Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at the Sea