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Hand Painted Mango Wood Gifts

Welcome, come in........

Welcome back with the Rainbow Collection


New Refill Station


Essentail Oils, Room sprays, diffusers, candles, burners, Incense, cones, aromatomisers, fragrance oils, back flow burners, flower essences. 

Love the planet

Our eco shop is full of plastic saving ideas and products.  We keep adding new items all the time in our store.  refill your bottles at our Saltburn shop and reduce the use of chemicals in your bathroom with natural cleaning and toiletries. 


Our well being shop about helping you create your own santury at home.  We have healthy options and relaxation tools to make life flow easier.     

Fair-trade Home

Find all you need to make a bohemian, ethnic home with cushions, rugs, light fittings, Vintage Indian Mirrors and furniture handmade in India.


 Get your xmas going with a fair-trade sparkle.  We have everything right here.  Home, accessories, crystals, fragrance, decorations and clothing.  Need advice, just ask as we are just a message away.  WhatsApp us at facebook  xxx

We are ethical

Visit us in sunny Saltburn

We Love Culture

We bring the culture to you from around the world. We currently have products from over 15 different countries. We support fairtrade businesses in India, Indonesia, Africa, Mexico, Morocco etc etc. 

Handmade with love

Our products are made using traditional handicrafts been passed down from generations. We know that when products are made with love and care in happy, safe conditions, the product is higher quality.  This in tern brings good vibes to our shop and thats passed on to our customers. All our products come with a added good feeling and a clear conscience. 

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