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Fair Trade & The Climate Crisis

Welcome to Earthstore



Why we are here?  


‘The choices we make are where we make the difference’



‘Our suppliers are at the heart of change’




Shared Earth are one of our first contacts in the beginning.  So we will share some of their words from shared earth on fair trade and the climate crisis.





 Probably the biggest factor contributing to global warming is the burning of fossil fuels. 80% of the energy we use worldwide is created by the burning of fossil fuels. This produces CO2 gases in huge amounts, trapping heat in the atmosphere and leading to the ‘greenhouse effect’.

.The rainforests are vital; tree roots store water, breathing life into the land, and they act as ‘sponges’, storing carbon and removing it from the air. The Amazon in particular is essential for the health of the planet; but it’s being lost at an alarming rate. One cause is the expansion of agriculture: growing soybeans or grains to feed cattle. In turn, cattle and sheep produce methane, another harmful greenhouse gas.

It is predicted that within the next 10 years, global warming will push 120 million more people into poverty, and if temperatures are not kept in check, result in the biggest migrations in human history, reversing all the progress the Fair Trade movement has achieved in the last 50 years!

We also face the prospect of a new mass extinction of wildlife not seen in millions of years. Animals are not just cute and lovable, with some like tigers and elephants needing protection; they’re an integral part of our planet. Predators keep herbivores in check; bees pollinate plants; birds disperse seeds. In the oceans, plankton and corals are threatened by the acidification caused by rising temperatures; fish suffer; we eat fish. A threat to any part of the food chain is ultimately a threat to us. 

Credit to Shared Earth  

Why we believe in our products at earthstore UK 

If you got this far keep reading.  The source is the most important factor. We buy and supply to you in our retail shops and online using the same policy of our suppliers.  We can wholeheartedly say our suppliers are amazing in what they do.  They manufacture our products using the fair-trade principles and genuinely care about the planet.  How can we go wrong with such great policies.  So what can we do to help the planet and right the wrongs of how things are made and the way people are treated?  

We buy from the right companies! knowing we have done a good thing towards ourselves and others.

What can we do?

We still have time to prevent this catastrophe – but we need to act now!

As businesses, we can play a huge part in this. Demand for products which will help slow global warming is increasing rapidly, in fact ironically, it seems that as soon as we drop the business mantra ‘growth, growth, growth’, our sales start to rise! What type of products are we selling? Are raw materials sustainable? Are fossil fuels a significant factor in production, packaging and transportation?

Our mission at is to tackle the climate crisis and create a fairer, more sustainable world. Recycled and sustainable products are the basis of our business

We are also tackling one of the most difficult issues of all for an importer. From January 2021, we will be the first UK business in the gift, fashion and homeware sectors to say that the shipping of all our products, from the producer to you as customer, will be carbon-neutral, resulting in CO2 emissions of ZERO.


We are so proud to be working with such companies that are 100% carbon neutral and committed to CO2 emissions of ZERO.


Thank you for passing this to us at Earthstore



Our Story

It’s well worth a visit to Earthstore Boutique with its huge range of items from gift shopping to revitalising the home and self-care.  It’s a place to find something unique and restorative.  Enjoy the music and aroma from the array of candles and incense available to sample.

Ness Brigham founded the Earthstore in 2014 as a creative idea after finishing a design degree. From Stockton on tees, the biggest question is why open a shop in Saltburn? why? It’s the place to be if you’re passionate about the environment and ethical trading.  Saltburn is a very diverse, creative, bohemian place where you can be who you want to be.  A community that cares about its area and brings in people for its outstanding natural beauty and unique friendly vibes.  

A Shop with a heart

It’s a shop with a heart. The centre of everything is wellbeing.  Earthstore is about better health, less chemicals and protecting our environment.


Then there are people who work for us across the globe for very little.   Ness is a buddhist and after a trip to Nepal and India to try to understand the issues behind fair-trade, it became a mission to carry on trying to improve the working lives of the people creating these amazing products. The store is set in the seaside town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, and can be found just off the high street. 


Come On In

Treat Yourself but be kind to our planet!