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Song Of India Desi Gulab – Rose Organic Room Spray(100ml)


  • Velvety to touch, and heavenly to smell – the desi gulab is an all time favourite. Song Of India Desi Gulab- Rose Organic Room Spray is made using exquisite fragrance of pure natural essential oils. The subtle fragrance of rose is wonderfully fresh, one whiff of this romantic floral note and you’ll fall in love with it. Spray a little of this, and let it work its magic. Made with love! for the happiness that fragrance spreads.


    • Exquisite room spray with organic essential oils
    • Sweet & Soothing fragrance that lingers
    • Freshens the air with natural fragrances
    • Effectively removes odor from the ambience
    • Amber Colored Round Glass Spray Bottle
    • Convenient spray format

    About the Brand: Song Of India’s wellness and fragrance products are a celebration of natural and holistic living. In an endeavour to strike a delicate balance between the body and mind, all of their products are designed to invigorate, enrich and energize your soul. Based on the principles of the ancient science of ayurveda, these products are crafted as per age-old Indian traditions and methods.

    With Song Of India products it’s all about going back to the roots to discover the true joys of life. For the blissful scent of rose and jasmine will always bring a smile to your lips, the potent goodness of sandalwood and patchouli will warm your heart, and the freshness of orange transports you back to a joyous childhood. These beautiful products are rich in organic ingredients and handmade with love. Together, these herbal products are not only the key to a healthy organic lifestyle, but also strengthen our bond with our roots with all that is beautiful and natural.

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    Country of Origin: India