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Choker silver colour mandala pendant


Part of our modern range of stylish chokers, this stunning mandala pendant is sure to not only add a touch of spirituality to any outfit but bring the wearer a feeling of calm. The 5 main components of a mandala fit together to make a perfect shape, and it’s this perfect shape that allows order and beauty to cascade over us in equal measures. The symmetry provides balance and harmony, the fractal geometry connects us to nature, the colour can raise our mood, the 8 points remind us of our love for life and lastly, the intent when creating it leaves a lasting energy within it, and I can assure you, this mandala was made with the intention of spreading love and beauty to those it reaches.

Sales of this necklace helps not only supply lots of stable work in difficult times but allows our supplier to fund their many social projects in their local area. This ranges from planting trees, organising recycling and investment in waste water management to much bigger projects such as free healthcare to over 10,000 people, funding educational and vocational centres to help people lift themselves out of poverty to sponsoring children to complete their education.

Made in India