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Nickys NooNoos Yoga Wrap – Tigers eye


Snuggle Blanket – Rustic

Each blanket comes with A HUG

Why is it called a noo noo?

noo noos are idea for camping.Nicky got her first noo noo sixteen years ago having just arrived in the extremely cold Himalayas after being in sweltering southern India for six months. She immediately fell in love with them! They’re called noo noos because her daughter Ruby had a little blanket that went everywhere with her, which she called a noo noo!  We decided that even when we “grow up” we still need a snuggly place to wrap up wherever and whoever we are.

How big are they?

They are 40″ x 80″  (approx. 2m x 1m) and have tassles at each end.  They have a different design on each side.  One side is more stripey than the other. You can see both sides of each noo noo by clicking on the  product.

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